Women are beautiful in their own way & some of them even add the true essence of beauty along with creative makeup work. And for that, a well-experienced makeup artist is what people require. For becoming a successful entrepreneur; one needs to possess something more than just skill and hard work. Below are a few points that Avni suggests to aspiring makeup artists:

  • Art of smart communication, being diplomatic with your clients, helps the artist gain their trust.
  • Art of patience, being impulsive and jumping to conclusions is not favoured in the business today. Patience is vital as one has to deal with so many types of personalities.
  • Art of critical thinking, makeup is used as a solution to some skin issues. Being a critical thinker helps the makeup artist to read in between the lines for their clients. Also, to offer some needed support or advice whenever it is required.
  • Art of flexibility, helps a makeup artist see a different perspective clearly. In a critical scenario, one needs to improvise on the spot and showcase their talents according to the need of the situation. A rigid mindset will not work in favour of the artist while those who will adapt and work will generate brownie points from the clients.

Avni Gandotra is that makeup artist and beauty expert on whom one can rely on. She hails from Jammu and Kashmir. In just her 20s, she is a widely known name in Jammu. She owns ‘The Trends Inn Unisex Salon’ in Jammu. But before that, she had been a student of architecture from Amity University, Noida.

Since her childhood, Avni always thought of creativity. She studied architecture but somehow felt unsatisfied. During college festivals, Avni used to style her friends for various events. Her friends urged her to become a beauty stylist. After completing graduation, Avni started to train in Delhi, under Meenakshi Dutt, one of the best names in the makeup industry since the last 21 years. With her enlightening guidance, Avni pledged to become an independent makeup artist and so started her first salon.

Besides this, she is the sister of the successful self-made entrepreneur Amber Gandotra who is very popular amongst the youngsters of Jammu. Amber has changed the landscape of digital marketing in India. Amber’s hard work has established himself as one of the youngest northern India entrepreneurs. Both Amber & Avni have inspired each other in their journeys till now. Avni even expressed her desire to become a beauty blogger. She said she wants to explore the blogging industry, but for now, the beauty salon is her prime focus. You can follow her on instagram @avnigandotramakeovers to get the latest updates.

Hope to see more and more young girls establish themselves as business entrepreneurs and as for Avni, we are sure she will reach the top in the years to come.

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