(NASDAQ: GOOGL) Instagram has just activated the option to make promotions directly from the application. Instagram is one of the most important social networks for a musician, but you need to know that the strategies that you are going to carry out on this platform must be well studied and based on your target. So, if you have already tried to promote your music with ads, but it has not worked quite well, take a look at thesefollowing9 tips to improve your Instagram promotion.

Tips to Improve your Instagram Promotion

Always Keep your Target in Mind

Well-targeted publications for the type of audience that follows you are much more effective. So, is it worth it or not to do a study of who your main audience really is? With these data you will have an open path of possibilities, since you will know, according to their characteristics, what they want to see and what not.

Always be Authentic

When you decide to use ads from Instagram or any other network, do not lose your personality. I know the same way you are when you make a common post on any day. The difference in these ads is that their purpose is to reach more people, which will make it likely that you will get more followers, so show yourself as you are from the beginning!

Improve the Legends of your Post

At this point is where you should take into account your target the most, the message you are going to publish and the tone of it should be addressed to them. In addition to that, you should think about how to design the message, whether to use short texts or you prefer the longer ones, whether to use emojis or not and you will use hashtags.

Exploring Galleries

In early, Instagram introduced a fun new feature: a gallery call. It means you can put up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. This is extraordinarily valuable for Instagram accounts identified with internet business when all is said and done and the business specifically. Presently you don’t need to burn through your time and vitality making arrangements.

How can you use Galleries in the Instagram Business?

On the off chance that you need to inform your reader concerning fresh introductions, present a topical assortment, report a deal in a specific item classification, and so on., basically join the pertinent pictures into a solitary distribution. Nothing will be disregarded, and you won’t bother readers with various comparative posts that show up in a brief timeframe.

Create charming shoutouts. The idea is the same: put a prepaid post on someone else’s Instagram account who is going to promote you, and thanks to the gallery feature, you can advertise an impressive number of products in a single post. It will look elegant, professional and catchy.

It can be a good alternative to a video: if you want to show delicious details of an article, just take several high-quality photos and combine them into one post.

Use High-Quality Images

For this type of publication, it is always better to show high-quality images. Think that the quality of your images is your cover letter on Instagram, since it is the first thing that your followers will see. So, make sure the images you post are made by a professional photographer, it’s worth the investment!

Optimize your Calls to Action

Try to make the image and legend of your ad as attractive as possible so that those who see it do not hesitate a second to click, that way they will get to where you want them to go. Strive! With planning and good strategies, you will achieve it.

Automatic Service Configuration

If you run your Instagram business account with the proper patience and attention, it will take a long time. Just imagine how long it will take you to think of a good post idea, edit photos and videos, create a post, reply to all comments and direct messages etc.

Why waste your time on this when you have much more important tasks to do: improve your customer service, find new suppliers and add new items, optimize your drop shipping store, and many more?

To plan your commercial activity in a more rational and careful way, choose any automated service you want. Personally, we recommend that you review the Social Rabbit plugin. We have a decent involvement in it and, thanks to the module, we figured out how to acquire in excess of 66,000 supporters on our Instagram account devoted to the errand of advancing the diverse store.

Include Posts Manually for Instagram Promotion

Programmed distributing is noteworthy, spares time and exertion, and permits you to oversee different regions of your business.

All things considered; posts you make physically are additionally a significant piece of your promoting system. Such posts make your record look increasingly “human” and client arranged. Individuals like to collaborate with people, as opposed to some heartless robots, correct?

That is the reason we attempt to blend consequently produced posts in with something interesting that we make ourselves. For instance, in the picture above you can see a case of a distribution we made to praise a unique themed occasion. We even made a customized item offer!

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