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The News & Views- A Worldwide Catalogue Of Latest US Business News

(USA)/–The News & Views is a premier website providing the latest business news. It is the leading online source of analytical news about business. Investors, stockholders, business owners, or any other venture capitalist can find statistical data about the global business market.

The media organization personnel include daily reporters and analytical panel which collect and analyze corporate update. The analytics is made on facts and figures received from the stock market to provide investors better insight into about money-spinning industries.

Beginners in the business market can understand business news in easy terms using this website. They can get to know about the stock-market rates of local and international firms with no effort. Getting to know about business news is an uncomplicated task in the era of digitalization.

A One-Stop-Shop For Up To Date Business News

The evolution of technology has made this planet a global world. Businesses, employees, vendors, investors, and other stakeholders are connected through the internet lines. However, the authenticity of news is still questioned as online scammers trick the business owners now and then.

Finding genuine universal news has made it easier after the launch of the new and views website. It does not only relies on collecting data from online resources, but reporters are hired to collect business data.  Employees word round the clock to provide businessmen with reliable news.

Track Worldwide Business Statistics

Collecting data about hundreds of businesses before investing some amount is strenuous practice. It takes time and a lot of effort scrolling down multiple online and offline resources. The News & Views cut this effort short by providing precise, brief, and frequently updated business news.

Either stakeholders are looking out for technological firms or they or finding information about the trade industry, this website has it all. Investors can find detailed information about the value of a business, track their success-rate, and analyze relatively where to invest for better profits.

Analyze Business Market For Lucrative Concerns

The analysis is the first step before stepping into the business world. A successful businessman is keeping an eye on local and international businesses thus invests intelligently. A knowledgeable person tends to gain more profits than ones who put their assets on the stake with closed eyes.

The business news available on The News & Views website has detailed information about international business. Venture capitalists just need to browse the webpage and all the authentic information in the blink of an eye. Analyze the market wisely before making a decision.

In the Summary:

Gathering business news is not a cup of tea in the ever-changing business market. A corporate making high profits at a time would be seen at a huge loss in the second hour. It is crucial to collect up to the minute news before financing any firm to eliminate the risk of bearing a loss.

Venture capitalists can find the latest facts and figures about businesses on one platform. There is no need to go through lengthy newspapers, inspect magazines and business articles. The News & Views is a one-stop-shop for businessmen finding a profit-making firm to double their assets.

The News and Views

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1595 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510, USA.

+1 888 312 6847

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Dodo Packaging Announces Printing And Packaging Services

Staten Island, New York – June 16, 2020 – Dodo Packaging, a name that does not require any introduction in the discussion of packaging, is willing to support small and large businesses amid the panic-stricken pandemic situation.

Dodo Packaging is a leading packaging company that is currently serving a myriad of businesses and customers on a day-to-day basis. They implement a waterfall process to integrate their services and give a boost to businesses. Trusted by many customers on and off the field, Dodo Packaging has thrived for nothing but perfection over the years.

In the year 2020 alone, Dodo Packaging has netted an unexpected margin. They have taken this opportunity to pay back their customers in a similar fashion by giving out decent discounts.

With a verified business account on Google My Business and thousands of positive ratings and an aggregate score of 9.2/10, Dodo Packaging has excelled in the packaging industry by having a success rate of 95% as of June 2020. Their hot-selling products, such as vape cartridge boxes, have a 100% success rate.

Dodo Packaging’s CEO, Mark Mason, shared his two cents on this decision. He said:

“We felt indebted to the people we were serving and felt the need to pay them back as they supported us. Our first and foremost goal has always been to rise above cliché packaging and provide businesses with state-of-the-art design services.”

The COO of Dodo Packaging, Stuart McKay, added:

“While pipelining our sales this year, we felt the sudden urge to derive something new this year. Other than the promotional offers we bring out on a yearly basis, we wanted to do something for businesses that are struggling in this pandemic situation. Since we firmly believe in a healthy relationship with our customers, now was the right time to implement the right strategy.”

Dodo Packaging will be working to eradicate the economic barriers a few businesses are facing these days. While talking to the higher-ups of the company, it was evident that their products, such as cosmetic boxes and custom printed vape cartridge packaging are the most-selling products, and they are ready to offer discounts on them as well.

Be it a sign of respect for their customers or a new marketing strategy, Dodo Packaging has neglected the roots of frail packaging and brought credible standards for custom retail packaging.

Apart from packaging services, Dodo Packaging also extends its services in printing. They manufacture stickers, calendars, booklets, and many other design-related things.

About Dodo Packaging 

Dodo Packaging is a US-based company that has offices based in other countries as well, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and China. They have enabled a plethora of businesses and gave them an unidentifiable boost.  The services of Dodo Packaging are trusted and ensured in their full life-cycle by renowned businesses such as CBDMD. 

Hopefully, they will maintain the same procedure and standard in their upcoming sales discounts.


Website URL:
Email: [email protected]
Address: Street 114 Spartan Ave, Staten Island, New York, USA
Phone: +1-646-503-1158

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Fun Apart Launches Video-Enabled NUO Card Game App Inspired by UNO!™

Los Angeles, California – June 17, 2020 –– Fun Apart, the video-enabled mobile card games app bringing generations together, today announced the launch of its UNO!™ inspired video chat card game NUO available on iOS and Android.

Fun Apart launched its first game NUO, a similar card game to UNO!™ but with more popular gameplay features such as +2 and +4 stacking which UNO!™ recently deemed illegal. Additionally, Fun Apart allows users to safely and securely invite family and friends by sharing a unique 8-digit private room game code through a variety of sharing capabilities including text, email and social media. The user-intuitive interface offers a safe, fun and easy way to connect with anyone during this unprecedented time of isolation. Fun Apart creates a greater connection between family, friends and the elderly who are unable to see each other by providing more face-to-face interaction through video chat while playing fun, nostalgic card games.

“My mother and mother-in-law have had their share of ups and downs and to see them online playing this game with my five-year-old son – laughing and having a great time – has been the biggest joy to me and my family!” said Kornelia Sneider, Fun Apart beta-tester. “Who knew all it would take would be a fun game during quarantine to bring everyone together!”

The card games app idea is the brainchild of a 12-year-old child, who created the Fun Apart during the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate to keep in touch with friends and family. Enzo worked with his father to develop and create the video-enabled card games app after becoming frustrated with the lengthy Zoom conference setup time required by other mobile game apps.

Enzo said, “It was a great learning experience to build Fun Apart. My parents were hesitant at first to spend the money because of the uncertain economy, but I’m glad they believed in the idea to build it. I hope this game will make the money back to repay my parents. I also hope to create many more apps in the future.”

Additional card games such as Go Fish and Spoons will be released in the upcoming weeks. 

To download Fun Apart, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you enjoy the app, please leave a positive review in the app store and share the app with family and friends.

Connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

About Fun Apart
Fun Apart is a mobile games app with video chat and built-in card games. Fun Apart was developed during the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate to bring family and friends closer together. 

The app is free to users on iOS and Android. To learn more, please visit:

Media Contact
Evan Sneider
Red Rooster PR
[email protected] 


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Sanitation Zone Launches Sanitation Stations to Help Businesses, Organizations and Nonprofits Stay Healthy

NASHVILLE, TN.–– June 16, 2020 –– Sanitation Zone, the leading provider of fast and easy-to-use sanitation stations designed to keep people healthy and safe, today announced the launch of its Sanitation Stations for businesses to offer hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes and proper disposal via a small, corrugated box to keep people healthy and safe.

The Sanitation Station is made with heavy-duty corrugated board and includes one Sanitation Zone box, one stainless steel sanitizer pump, a universal dispenser extension tube kit, a cylinder insert to hold sanitizing wipes and a moisture-resistant surface with an antimicrobial top surface for easy cleaning and lasting durability. Sanitation Stations are designed for any place where people gather, including retail stores, events, churches, schools, shopping centers, boutiques, offices and more. 

“Society is experiencing a new norm. A norm that requires businesses and organizations to provide an even safer environment to show they care,” states Shaun Roberts, co-founder of Sanitation Zone. “I don’t think sanitizers or wipes are just something that should be tossed on a shelf, it should be a part of your brand moving forward. The Sanitation Station enables you to keep everyone safe while showing you care.” 

The convenient and sturdy Sanitation Station can be installed in under five minutes with six simple steps. To set up the Sanitation Station, open the lid and place sanitizer in the designated support, connect the stainless steel pump, fill the sanitizing wipe container, place a trash bag in the receptacle and add water to the water bag for extra support. 

Brands purchasing a Sanitation Station can customize each station with their company’s logo. An individual station costs $199.95. Sanitation Zone offers bulk pricing for buyers interested in purchasing more than one station.

“In a world where what you do is as important as what you say, businesses, organizations and nonprofits should lead by example, empowering citizens and members to make a difference, where they are,” adds Roberts. 

Following Sanitation Zone’s soft launch last week, the company has sold over 100 units in less than a week. The company plans to begin to activate its wholesale and B2B sales efforts in the coming weeks.

To order a Sanitation Station, please visit

About Sanitation Zone
Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Sanitation Zone believes how your treat people is as important as what you promote. Sanitation Zone empowers businesses and organizations to keep everyone safe, healthy and comfortable. The sturdy stations offer an all-in-one place for hand sanitizer, wipes and other stand-alone items with a built-in trash can. For more information, or to learn more about Sanitation Zone, please visit

Media Contact
Evan Sneider
Red Rooster PR
[email protected] 


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Gold Presidents Announces Gifting Personalized Name Necklace for you Love’d One

Dallas, USA — Gifts are the way to express the love, care, and affection towards your loved ones and top of that if you are giving any gifts that have customized with their name that will be count as the cherry on top of the cake. Websites days offer Great facility to choose shapes, sizes, designs and even embedding’s and engravings for jewelry pieces. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, mobile phone accessories, and other accompanying jewelry are just some of the options that could be bought online.

The specialty of personalizing a name necklace and getting it made into a real necklace is that it appeals to everyone, of all ages. Names can be special, your friend’s names, your own name, your parents’ names, grandparents’ names, and so on. Based on who you love most and cherish most, you can select the names for the name necklaces you get customized.

Gold Necklace always make your loved ones happier

A Gold Name Necklaces is priceless as it not just embodies the beauty of the soul and the heart but also is an expensive yet great gifting option. This is a choice not just for the rich and elite couples or gifters but for everyone across the world.

Gold is a precious stone, which is most valuable from monetary as well as sheen perspective. Gold never wears off, never rusts, and also has medicinal qualities when worn. This is the reason people choose gold necklaces as gifts to give and receive. From the olden days, golden jewelry is seen as a precious and effective gifting option. When engraved with names, it makes it even more special.

Why Name Necklace Are Considered Special and Auspicious?

Name Necklace is auspicious if the names belong to deities. Likewise, the Name on a necklace that may be of one’s family guru or elders is also special and auspicious. Symbols such as om and other feng shui symbols engraved on necklace also may be special and are considered auspicious by many across the world, especially in Asian countries.

About us: 

Gold Presidents was founded in Dallas Texas by D. James. His unique style and influence was cultured by the Dallas nightlife and wide diversity of the city, Gold Pres was built as a brand for the people by the people.

At Gold Presidents, our goal is to bring the most iconic fashion pieces for both men and women. While giving you as a customer seamless shopping experience. We aim to please all our customer’s jewelry buying needs.

Contact us 

[email protected]

(607) 369-5131
9 Clifton St
Unadilla, New York(NY), 13849