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ContinuServe and Globalization Partners Launch Partnership to Provide Carve-Out Advisory Services

Cambridge, Mass., June 18, 2020 – ContinuServe, a leader in IT and Finance Business Process Outsourcing, is excited to announce its partnership with Globalization Partners which enables companies to hire great talent anywhere in the world quickly and easily, without setting up foreign branch offices or subsidiaries. ContinuServe believes this partnership will greatly help private equity firms and corporate buyers execute carve-out acquisition transactions.

Carve-outs are transactions when a corporation sells a business unit, division, or product line. In these transactions, another firm will buy these carve-out units and then operate them. Typically, in carve-out transactions, the sold unit does not come with back-office functions like information technology, finance & accounting, and human resources. Therefore, the buyer of the unit must ramp-up these back-office functions quickly to maintain business continuity.

As part of ContinuServe’s value proposition to those purchasing carve-outs, ContinuServe has its Rapid Execution and Operations (REO) network of world-class service providers who can help accelerate the timeline for a carve-out and support an excellent outcome. Globalization Partners provides a high-quality solution to onboard employees located across the globe who may be transferred to a new carved-out entity from the parent company.  This means that private equity firms and the management of the carve-out do not have to worry about the expense and complexity of setting up new business entities across the globe or manage the complex compliance HR and legal issues.

Globalization Partners’ employer of record services provide a way to minimize the timeline and friction associated with carve-outs that include onboarding employees located in multiple countries.

Pradeep Khurana, Managing Director of ContinuServe, says of the initiative “Our service offerings are very complementary, and we are thrilled to work with Globalization Partners. This partnership will enable us to help accelerate our private equity firm clients’ ability to absorb a carve-out. ContinuServe provides finance, accounting, and IT back office, while Globalization Partners provides HR, legal, and employee onboarding functions.”

Nate Medoff, Managing Director of ContinuServe, says of the partnership, “We are very excited about this relationship that will enable us to serve this dynamic market together.”

Kevin Burke, Director of Strategic Alliances-Private Equity, Globalization Partners says, “We see a lot of opportunities to deliver a seamless solution to our private equity clients and look forward to what we can accomplish together with ContinuServe.” 

The ContinuServe team has resources of over 450 staff members, who can deliver IT and financial services to these carved-out units.

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About ContinuServe
Founded in 2003, ContinuServe is a leading provider of back-office consulting and outsourcing services to mid-market companies. ContinuServe is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and maintains delivery capabilities across the US and Globally.

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About Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners enables companies to quickly and easily expand internationally across six continents and into more than 170 countries without the hassle of setting up local branch offices or subsidiaries. It allows companies to hire employees throughout the world without having to navigate complex international legal, tax, and HR issues. You identify the talent, and we put your team member on our payroll. Whether it’s to test a new market or expand your talent pool, Globalization Partners is the most trustworthy solution in the market. We have dual U.S. headquarters to serve you in Boston and San Diego, and regional hub offices located worldwide in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the UAE, India, Shanghai, Singapore, Brazil, and Mexico.

Globalization Partners’ innovative platform is Privacy Shield certified for HR Data, and has consistently attained 96% customer satisfaction ratings by making it easy for companies to go global.   To find out more, please visit: or connect with us via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or check out our Blog.


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Atmos Home Announces the AtmosRemote

TAMPA, FL. –– June 10, 2020 –– Atmos Home, the award-winning provider of smart home control systems and accessories, today announces the AtmosRemote, first-debuted in 2019 and making smart home tech history as the world’s first “universal remote” for smart home devices. The AtmosRemote is a single handheld device providing access to every media device and dozens of smart home gadgets. Through the sleek AtmosControl touch panel, homeowners can control every wireless and IoT device in their home either via touchscreen, local voice commands, apps or hand gestures.

Atmos Home’s AtmosRemote is a simple handheld remote which can access every media device in a home with a quick and intuitive interface as well as controlling several web and WiFi-based smart home devices. With the AtmosRemote, users can control their media equipment such as receivers and TVs, along with wireless devices such as Sonos, Bose and Denon, as well as streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

The AtmosRemote also lets users control a number of smart home devices such as lights and thermostats, rather than using their smartphone and shuffling through multiple apps. When paired with the powerful AtmosControl hub, every type of smart home device can be controlled whether it uses WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Infrared.

“We found that many consumers were purchasing an AtmosControl hub to control some of their media devices, especially Sonos owners,” explained Mark Lyle founder and CEO of Atmos Home. “We’re improving access to these media devices by offering the consumer another more traditional option for controlling them, without losing any of the features that you have from your phone app. The real power comes in when you pair AtmosRemote with AtmosControl – you can then easily access all of your devices intuitively from either interface.”

Atmos Home’s flagship product, the AtmosControl smart home hub, provides full compatibility with nearly every smart home device on the market, whether thermostat, light switch, security camera, door lock and more, the AtmosControl panel eliminates the need for multiple apps while also making it a breeze to create smart home “scenes” – essentially real-life macros – that can run a sequence such as “start the day” to automatically turn the lights on, start brewing coffee and put on a morning playlist.

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About Atmos Home
Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Atmos Home is developing and manufacturing the next generation of smart home control systems and accessories, with an emphasis on simplicity and connectivity. Their debut product, AtmosControl, will be easier to set up than other smart home hubs and will feature four ways to interact with devices. It will also include the top five smart home connection protocols, allowing it to manage 1000+ integrated devices. For more information, or to learn more about AtmosControl, please visit

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