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ContinuServe and Globalization Partners Launch Partnership to Provide Carve-Out Advisory Services

Cambridge, Mass., June 18, 2020 – ContinuServe, a leader in IT and Finance Business Process Outsourcing, is excited to announce its partnership with Globalization Partners which enables companies to hire great talent anywhere in the world quickly and easily, without setting up foreign branch offices or subsidiaries. ContinuServe believes this partnership will greatly help private equity firms and corporate buyers execute carve-out acquisition transactions.

Carve-outs are transactions when a corporation sells a business unit, division, or product line. In these transactions, another firm will buy these carve-out units and then operate them. Typically, in carve-out transactions, the sold unit does not come with back-office functions like information technology, finance & accounting, and human resources. Therefore, the buyer of the unit must ramp-up these back-office functions quickly to maintain business continuity.

As part of ContinuServe’s value proposition to those purchasing carve-outs, ContinuServe has its Rapid Execution and Operations (REO) network of world-class service providers who can help accelerate the timeline for a carve-out and support an excellent outcome. Globalization Partners provides a high-quality solution to onboard employees located across the globe who may be transferred to a new carved-out entity from the parent company.  This means that private equity firms and the management of the carve-out do not have to worry about the expense and complexity of setting up new business entities across the globe or manage the complex compliance HR and legal issues.

Globalization Partners’ employer of record services provide a way to minimize the timeline and friction associated with carve-outs that include onboarding employees located in multiple countries.

Pradeep Khurana, Managing Director of ContinuServe, says of the initiative “Our service offerings are very complementary, and we are thrilled to work with Globalization Partners. This partnership will enable us to help accelerate our private equity firm clients’ ability to absorb a carve-out. ContinuServe provides finance, accounting, and IT back office, while Globalization Partners provides HR, legal, and employee onboarding functions.”

Nate Medoff, Managing Director of ContinuServe, says of the partnership, “We are very excited about this relationship that will enable us to serve this dynamic market together.”

Kevin Burke, Director of Strategic Alliances-Private Equity, Globalization Partners says, “We see a lot of opportunities to deliver a seamless solution to our private equity clients and look forward to what we can accomplish together with ContinuServe.” 

The ContinuServe team has resources of over 450 staff members, who can deliver IT and financial services to these carved-out units.

More information can be found at and

About ContinuServe
Founded in 2003, ContinuServe is a leading provider of back-office consulting and outsourcing services to mid-market companies. ContinuServe is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and maintains delivery capabilities across the US and Globally.

For more information, please visit

About Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners enables companies to quickly and easily expand internationally across six continents and into more than 170 countries without the hassle of setting up local branch offices or subsidiaries. It allows companies to hire employees throughout the world without having to navigate complex international legal, tax, and HR issues. You identify the talent, and we put your team member on our payroll. Whether it’s to test a new market or expand your talent pool, Globalization Partners is the most trustworthy solution in the market. We have dual U.S. headquarters to serve you in Boston and San Diego, and regional hub offices located worldwide in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the UAE, India, Shanghai, Singapore, Brazil, and Mexico.

Globalization Partners’ innovative platform is Privacy Shield certified for HR Data, and has consistently attained 96% customer satisfaction ratings by making it easy for companies to go global.   To find out more, please visit: or connect with us via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or check out our Blog.


Media Contact:
Evan Sneider
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New Danish startup offers a new and better way to monitor links

Founded in 2019 by Lennart Øster and Tim Petersson, has a simple vision for their software that is aimed at all SEO experts and professionals: creating a simple and intuitive tool to monitor backlinks that allows you to react and adjust to any event.

The importance of links at the center of creation

Links play an increasingly important role when it comes to positioning websites organically in the Google search results. For this reason, it is becoming more and more essential to be able to track links around the clock. To provide you an easy overview, Traxr checks each URL linking to your site to see if it’s indexed in Google. In addition, you can monitor multiple links and domains in the same package and receive notifications if anchor texts change for your links. These features help you gain the full picture of how websites are performing, and they allow you to spend your time improving in the right places instead of wasting your time chasing this information.

A great alternative to the competition

One of the main advantages – and a favorable selling points – from the new Danish startup is their obvious leg up on the competition. When compared to other tools that monitor backlinks, Traxr provides many more features and at a much lower price. For example, compared to Linkody, Traxr is less than a third of the monthly cost and offers neat features such as canonical checks, index status, client side checks and response headers.

When compared to the original Monitor Backlink software, Traxr is a more affordable service (at around the third of the cost) and still offers more features and functions. In addition to the HTML headers and index status feature provided by Monitor Backlink, Traxr provides you with invaluable insights about anchor changes, endpoints, notes to each link, price for a link and much more.

In short, Traxr is affordable, dependable and relies only on real facts. This means you no longer have to rely on estimates that turn out to be wrong. Traxr is the only tool you’ll ever need to monitor backlinks.

Disruption of the market

We have decided that we want to give all marketers an opportunity to enjoy the calm of knowing you hard work is being watched, despite the size of the business.

We have chosen a pricing model where even the smallest business owner can get the value of Traxr without busting the software budget.

About Traxr

Founded in 2019, Traxr is a leading provider of SaaS, to track and monitor links with more detail than any others. Headquaters is in the small city Præstø in southern Denmark.

Media Contact

Lennart Øster
[email protected]

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Console and Associates Reveals the Most Dangerous Commutes in America Interactive Map

MARLTON, NJ – June 10, 2020 – Console and Associates, the premier, client-centered personal injury law firm, today reveals a new, interactive data map that delves deep into years of data to quantify the risk of fatal car accidents for commuters across America. The map can be viewed here:

Encompassing more than 3,000 counties in the contiguous United States, this interactive data map highlights the counties and locations of fatal commuter accidents – and how high their risk is for every 100 hours they spend commuting to and from work. The interactive map offers viewers the chance to virtually explore the most dangerous locations in every state in the contiguous U.S. The map also highlights the counties with the highest rate of traffic fatalities for every hour of commuting time. This is a rarely cited but crucial statistic to know because American drivers with an average commute length and workweek will spend 100 hours commuting every six months.

The investigation by Console and Associates revealed an enormous divergence in the amount of risk commuters face in different parts of the country. In counties with the lowest risk, there are fewer than one death for every 100 miles of commuting time. Some of the deadliest locations in certain states have claimed as few as 8 lives in 15 years. The riskiest areas for commuters see statistics that are much bleaker. For example, in Los Angeles County, 327 fatal accidents occur for every 100 hours of commute time, and California’s most deadly location, in Fresno County, was the site of 155 fatalities in 15 years. 

“I was stunned at the risk American drivers to undertake each day as they make the trek into work, especially in these counties where the fatality rate per 100 commuting hours is drastically higher than average,” said Richard P. Console Jr., founder and managing attorney of Console and Associates. “Combining these statistics tells us a unique story of where drivers are most at risk of not making it through their commute. By putting this into context, we hope to remind workers how important safe driving is every time they get behind the wheel – and to save lives.”

The map is based on official NHTSA and DOT records. Both the top 10 deadliest intersections per state and the traffic fatalities by county data look back at 15 years’ worth of statistics, from 2004 to 2018. The county-by-county fatality rate per 100 hours of commuting time comes from a 2017 report that compiled reliable fatality rates based on five-year averages. 

To learn more, please visit:

About Console and Associates P.C.
Founded by Richard P. Console Jr. in 1994, Console and Associates’ mission is to help accident victims across New Jersey and Pennsylvania receive the compensation they deserve. Today, the multi-lawyer firm exclusively handles personal injury matters, assisting clients with injury claims ranging from car accidents and slip and fall injuries to dog bites and medical malpractice claims. Over the last 26 years, Console and Associates’ attorneys have continuously delivered compassionate and successful legal services to clients. 

Console and Associates is a proud member of The New Jersey State Bar Association and American Association for Justice. 

For more information, please visit:

Media Contact
Evan Sneider
Red Rooster PR
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Apollo AirVape Launches new product of AirVape X Vaporizers

Los Angeles, USA /— It is not surprising that the cannabis industry has seen leaps and bounds in the last few years. Earlier, the business was looked down upon and considered illegal in almost every part of the world. Luckily, the situation is now improving as a few states have not only legalized the consumption but also encouraging investment in cannabis cultivation and production.

Nowadays, there are dozens of ways to consume cannabis as each method has its advantages. The most popular of which are vaporizer and bong.

Understanding Vaporizers:

Vaporizers have been in the market for a long time. It wasn’t popular before the industry started seeing recognition. Modern vaporizer work by heating the liquid. Then the liquid is vaporized and is inhaled by the smoker. In a dry herb vaporizer, instead of heating the liquid, you heat dry herb and you don’t need to buy additional liquid cartridges.

It is important to keep in mind that vaping gives a lot different experience that smoking-flower because of the added flavors or chemicals like that of oil cartridge in vape pens. You get a lot more out of the cannabis while using vaporizers as the temperatures is more controlled and milder than a flame. Therefore, it activates cannabis with being lesser burned off. This helps you to inhale more vapor.

Understanding Bongs:

Bongs are another popular way to consuming cannabis. The striking design are what makes them distinguish and desirable among the smokers. Have you seen some of the bongs available in the market today? They vary from authentic beakers to 3 foot design. Colorful glasses and unique designs make them stand out of any other consumption method. Bigger bongs are useful when smoking in large crowds where tons of herbs are consumed.

Bongs are usually used by experienced smokers. The water in the bong helps to cool the smoke before it hits your lungs. This makes the smoke smoother to inhale. Not only this, water also acts as a filter that removes carcinogens from the smoke. This gives a fast and intense high at high dose of inhalation. This makes it a widely used way of consuming marijuana.

Vaporizer or Bong? Which one to choose?

Consumption of Cannabis should be hassle free and enjoyable. This should always be the priority when it comes to smoking.

Due to convenience, lower risks on health and low on smell, vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Unlike other smoking methods, it heats the cannabis without combustions which reduces the amount of ingesting toxins in marijuana smoke.

Whereas, bongs produce high amount of CNB during the process. This leads to heavier and more sedated high. This is usually taken to de-stress or getting sound sleep.


Since Bongs are in the market for a longer time and are less high-tech, they costs lower than an average herb vaporizer. Undoubtedly, both vaporizer and bong gives very different smoking experience but if you want to save a few bucks, go with the traditional bong.


To get a stronger high experience with low budget, try bong over vaporizing. But if you want a smoother and luxurious experience, you can always go with vaporizer.

About us: AirVape X uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve the best heating in a few seconds. The X is the Bestpocket-fit loose-leaf vaporizer on the market, that is also compatible for concentrates oils with the concentrates pad included in box.

Contact us: Customer Service [email protected]

Apollo AirVape
2614 Chariton St.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

phone: (424) 293-3336

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New RCI International Process Service & Investigations Report on Hidden asset locations for judgment enforcement and recovery

In instances of corruption and break up, the rate of recovery of secret and stolen properties is minimal. Fifty-eight percent of fraud victims in 2016 have not regained any damages in one definitive report, compared with 49 percent in 2012, with just 12 percent making a complete recovery. As far as accused of stealing national cultural heritage is concerned, a reasonable figure is that less than 3 percent have managed to recover these resources of those who purloin people. In addition, victims frequently recover just a small proportion of their loss; for instance, survivors of the Allen Stanford fraudulent activities obtained only a few cents for every dollar. Survivors of corruption have “clamour [ed] to make themselves whole despite having lost tens of billions” in accounting irregularities and other controversies (Pacini et al., 2016). More can be encouraged to raise the rate of lost and stolen properties being recovered. The recognition and location of assets (tracking) and the freezing of assets are two essential methods that can be used to enhance the restoration of resources.

The Position of the Legal Advisor and the Assert Recovery choice

Generally, an investment property rescue operation begins when the perpetrator of theft or other immoral scam questions the attorney to recover their resources. If the prosecutor finds that the case is worth trying, he or she will employ tax lawyers for their experience in correctly understanding properties in a wide range of situations, such as multidisciplinary circumstances (representing different nations).

Procurators conducting multi-jurisdictional cases must coordinate and integrate each of the different cases to identify, locate, seize, and retrieve the hidden properties. Multi-jurisdictional attempts or acts to recover hidden resources are generally triggered in a pre-judgment situation in 3 phases: pre-litigation investigation activities to find and protect confidential records (under gag orders); legal events to seize or retain assets, and key hearings to acquire a final verdict worthy of compliance in

A variety of considerations should be addressed before attempting asset tracing. Next, a cost-benefit analysis of tracing and rehabilitation will be performed by the survivor, lawyer, and FA. The benefit of the loss will be compared with the approximate cost of tracing and achieving recovery (such as hours spent by staff and strategic planning). If it costs more to accomplish the recovery of resources than the worth of concealed or stolen resources, the victim may consider preceding traceability and restoration (Wadlinger et al., 2017). Moreover, the perpetrator and attorney will measure the effects of any healthcare insurance accessible to them. Third, given the nature of the properties, their importance, and their (apparently stowed) destination, the customer needs to evaluate the chances of a positive recovering. Third, the individual must realize that properties sometimes don’t stay in the same position but can be moved to other local or overseas areas. Fifthly, because proof of assets hidden in complicated business transactions can be discovered in financial statements, the perpetrator should evaluate the nature that the FA will access the documents.

Five tricks to finding and executing on hidden asserts

Begin by asking relevant questions and the appropriate places to look. Expanding your search efforts to cover any possible alternative for finding properties, considering the costs associated with your searches, is critical. From web pages to asset reports to private detectives, it is a top task to make the most of the tools people have already.

To your benefit, use social media platforms. In this modern age, people working online and connecting their entire lives with the world might be easier to find resources than you thought (Pacini et al., 2016). Pictures released by a plaintiff, for example, can display particular assets in the context. Or posts will speak about the plaintiff’s new yacht, trip to Cancun, or the incredible birthday present that a family member has. Sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are covered in images that show the inner core details of the lives of individuals. Having a walk-through might be to your benefit, as dull as it may be to glance at 200 pictures of somebody’s pet tortoise and dinner entry for the week.

Create connections between the data that you have and the knowledge that is being pursued. And what do you do with all that knowledge until you have finished your asset reviews and the accused is ousted? Around there does not seem to be any valuable information or collectible resources at a first quick look. However, just before you begin asking them questions, reading between the lines, and placing everything together pieces of the puzzle, maybe there is something to all the data that has muddled.

Concentrate on what might be lacking and not necessarily what you discover. Discovering resources is as easy as focusing on the black hole at times. I mean the things that should technically be there by a black hole, but they aren’t there anyhow. For example, the defendant generates numerous financial institution bank records in reaction to a subpoena duces tecum. After analyzing the claims, you note that the accused spends about $50 a week at Texaco police station. Depending on the weekly purchases or so, and the amount of money being spent, the investments are highly probable to be used to charge for fuel to supply a commercial vehicle.

Press hard against findable properties, and can unexpectedly become “hidden” ones. This could sound unbelievable, but sometimes trying to collect on the hard or conceivably uncollectable goods will trigger the most magical results: the expression of items from nowhere. By using a current example, let me demonstrate in more depth. A customer comes in with a fresh, seemingly uncollectable judgment. The plaintiffs had few resources, were senior citizens, and did not provide any collectible data in aid of implementation at an accumulation. An exhaustive search revealed a parcel of real estate that appeared unexploited.


The expense of a large-scale, cross-jurisdictional lawsuit, and especially the form of litigation involving misappropriation and theft of high-value assets, is perhaps the most important factor in developing a management plan and feasibility report. Where it is conceivable to reap the benefits of a government-sponsored inquiry or take part in a government-sponsored recovery scheme, a perpetrator would be well informed to reconsider such an alternative seriously. If you are in need of an investigations teams that had the background experience in obtaining positive results in these types of assignments, then you should contact RCI International Process Service and Investigations (RCI-Process) at (410) 693-8992 or via email at [email protected]


Pacini, C. J., Hopwood, W. S., & Sinclair, D. T. (2016). Domestic asset tracing: Identifying, locating and freezing stolen and hidden assets. Journal of Forensic Accounting Research, 1(1), A42-A65.

Wadlinger, N., Pacini, C., Stowell, N., Hopwood, W., & Sinclair, D. (2017). Domestic Asset Tracing and Recovery of Hidden Assets and the Spoils of Financial Crime. . Mary’s LJ, 49, 609.

About Us:

RCI International Process Service & Investigations (RCI) began in 2004 serving the Baltimore legal community with process serving, and has expanded in fourteen (14) short years to providing full legal support investigative services to include not only process serving (local, nationwide and international), but asset locations (including bank account and brokerage house searches), skip tracing of individuals and their employment, investigation assignments, surveillance and executive protection/bodyguard & luxury transportation services throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and BEYOND!



Address: Box 538 Hanover, MD 21076-0538
Phone: (410) 693-8992

Fax: (866) 517-0005


4 Best Tips to Choose a Mortgage BPO company

Over the years, mortgage lenders have gradually upped their dependency on mortgage BPO companies to carry out a range of mortgage services with high efficiency and low costs. Since lenders vary in size, resources, and capabilities, running operations without the assistance of an external agency is an insurmountable problem. The BPOs primarily take care of the document-related processes for their clients by overseeing document submission, managing loan data, and monitoring processes for discrepancies to avoid business losses.

Here are 4 proven tips that help lenders connect with the best mortgage BPO companies

Check the credibility of the firm

A credible firm would have years of experience in the industry and an envious list of reputed clients. An advantage of working with a seasoned team is the high-quality services that the client gets. Hence, the client should thoroughly verify the expertise of the BPO firm through interviews, background checks, and chats with its past clients. The BPO company should be legally approved since it will be handling confidential and monetary matters of the client. The client must check the license and other necessary legal registrations of the firm before striking any deal with it.

The right resources

The right mortgage services outsourcing company would have the right resources who are well-trained and experienced at handling underwriting processes. It should have the right verification and validation team for efficiently carrying out the mortgage and foreclosure services. The team should be adept at executing title deed services which is a critical aspect of the underwriting process. Besides manpower, the mortgage BPO company should use the latest workforce management tools to assist the employees to deliver reliable and efficient services.

Price evaluation

The client shouldn’t fall in the ‘low-price’ trap laid by unreliable vendors that are not much reliable. Owing to the critical nature of the industry, besides price, the quality of the services should be a priority for the client. However, it’s not rare for trustworthy firms to quote a relatively low price; in contrast, a firm charging way above the industry standards also don’t guarantee sublime quality services.  This necessitates the management to use their best discretion while considering any vendor from the available options.


The right mortgage BPO company is aware of the significance of maintaining open communication channels with the client and is known for its quick response to the client’s requests and queries. It should have the best communication tools and be prompt in responding to client’s voice mails and emails. Process and operational transparency is one of the salient characteristics of trustworthy mortgage service companies. The efforts the firm makes to work with the client even before the contract is signed speak volumes about its reliability.

If the right mortgage BPO company is chosen for the job, the client can offer high-value services to customers and maintain a superior quality while lowering the costs and efforts. However, to connect with such a vendor, the client must maintain the utmost caution and the above-listed points would prove invaluable in their search for the right business partner.

Jacob William
Expert Mortgage Assistance (EMA)
[email protected]

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Simple Tips To Help You Understand Reputation Management

Possessing a standing direction plan in position is something which some business-person would-be more straightforward to really do. Getting in a position to manage the ups and downs in understanding may signify difference between failure and success. May function as a starting place good idea.

To be sure the confidence of one’s clients, integrity and honesty is critical. Do not take away or take to pay unwanted articles. Doing so will ensure it is seeming which you do not worry for these as if you’re dismissing their problems. Be upfront.

To greatly help improve your on-line presence, take into account using interpersonal networking marketing. Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and also LinkedIn can assist you to construct enterprise existence off line and on the web. To-use interpersonal networking marketing statuses must be posted by you. Utilize key words when submitting content by way of a networking internet site that is sociable, and provide your subscribers advice they absolutely require.

One of the main means by which by which that you may deal with your standing is always to maintain your organization logo on line and require responsibility for this content concerning you personally. Use possibly, or even to find every on-line example of one’s small business enterprise name showing upward. You have to employ you, however a few one of them is able to permit you to know if anybody out there is currently misrepresenting your company or talking ill of you.

One wonderful means to better the standing of one’s organization is by requesting clients that are pleased with your product or service to place optimistic reviews in your own blog or blog. You may inquire to state something regarding your organization on web internet sites such as LinkedIn, Google Places or even Yelp.

Post nourishment tips on every one of the networking and societal networking internet web sites. Any customers will probably know exactly what exactly is and what isn’t acceptable answers in networking internet web sites and your own site. If take out and then give a outline of why the article has been taken out.

Always take care of personnel in regard. Small business people don’t pay attention also finally it could perform a great deal of damage. This may result in folks not needing to do business.

Try Googling to find out what kind of advice pops up concerning you personally. You may make utilize of this, When there’s a great deal of feedback. You ought to do what you can to adjust them. You do not need any banner.

If your company is recorded on the ranking website which allows enterprise proprietors to respond, then be sure you make the most with the specific. When the responses are poor or not good, you really ought to react with you personally. Thank and extend anything.

Try seeking in to standing direction products and providers. These companies do charge a little bit of cash, nevertheless they will be able to let you mend a standing begin a standing, or even keep a standing. All these are all professionals. They are able to watch for both you in activity personally, plus so they are able to allow you to struggle and avoid a standing that is bad.

Do not question internet web page proprietors to eradicate details regarding you merely because it’s a little unflattering. Individuals are entitled to their own remarks and also that you also don’t want everyone to believe you simply believe precisely the alternative. A possibility was that you personally will be backfired by jelling website proprietors to eliminate invoices.

Get involved in the area. Certainly, one of the greatest approaches to reinforce the standing of your company will be to-do charitable actions. You are going to get marketing and may enable one an opportunity to speak who you would not have to speak to by accepting enough opportunity to return to a community.

When you’re reacting to your poor opinion or inspection regarding your company, then be certain you make utilize of an expert tone at a respectful fashion. Your aim would be to triumph visitors over. You can hazard creating for the business in the event you run across sounding disrespectful into the poster.

Consider leasing a public event at a company stage. This really is just really actually a huge means to make sure that you’re increasing its particular own standing and the organization that you might have. It favorable to shoppers to understand your organization undertaking things. A fantastic belief like this can enable your company.

There are lots of businesses which are having to pay visitors to compose untrue reviews so as to create them appear much far better. If you are feeling Fight enticed to combine with those men and women. That really is company, which is prohibited in certain nations.

Even when an individual contacts you having an abysmal grievance towards your company, then take care never to discount his criticism so easily. You always ought to acknowledge and thank the client. Give to investigate. Give to provide something to him. This may reduce the reality that your company will be bad-mouthed by him.

When you find an individual has published a poor overview of one’s goods or even service, it’s normal to need to place a direct protection of one’s business. Have some time and be certain you never reply from rage. A raving and ranting answer in your own part will probably dissuade clients compared to original inspection that is bad.

If you prefer to get a really good fantastic standing in company, then you should really be open towards the clients you’ve got. Possessing a true man answer your own phones and apply someone to reply. When it’s not possible for them to be in touch customers won’t be pleased.

It is a not possible task to comprehend the price of obtaining an exhaustive comprehension of standing direction fundamentals. For tackling damage within this kingdom without the methods, it’s likely to undergo some impacts that are serious. It is in fact potential to weather by obeying the hints mentioned previously, yet.

Contact Us

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6 Financial Decisions That’ll Help Cater To Your Needs In An Emergency

One thing that’s almost certain in life is from time to time you’ll find yourself in an emergency situation. Your car might suddenly break down, or you’re involved in an accident and need medical attention. Other financial emergencies could be bills that you didn’t anticipate or something that you urgently have to replace.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some tips and sound financial decisions you can make so you’re prepared for those uncertainties and emergencies that life can throw your way when you least expect it.

#1 – It’s Always Wise To Have Some Savings

If you’re living from payday to payday, saving money can sometimes be hard to do, but even if you can put away just a few thousand dollars over time in case of emergencies, then that will be a huge weight off your shoulders. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have some cash stashed away for when you really do need it.

There’s nothing worse than when something unexpected crops up and you have no spare money to cover the cost.

#2 – An Emergency Credit Card Can Save the Day

A secondary option to having savings on hand in an emergency situation is to get yourself a credit card with a small limit of just a few thousand dollars. While credit isn’t always ideal, it’s still nice to know that you have that card if you really find yourself in a financial crisis & require money quickly.

If you are disciplined and save that credit card for emergencies only, then you won’t have any monthly bill or interest payments to make unless you absolutely need to use the card.

#3 – Fast Cash Loans Can Really Help

We’re not talking about applying for a personal loan from one of the major banks here, as the process is often far too slow when you need the money now. Instead, some independent lenders provide small, fast cash loans as the perfect solution when an emergency arises. For example, one such company is Sunshine Loans, and there are others as well.

These companies specialise in providing quick finance solutions, where applications can be completed entirely online and often you’ll receive the money on the same day or the very next day. Terms and conditions are straightforward and transparent, and small loans of up to $2000 are easy to repay.

#4 – Formulating a Household Budget and Sticking To It

In order to be able to save money in case of emergencies, it’s vital that you create a household budget that’s doable. If it’s not feasible, then chances are high you won’t be able to stick to it, and your saving’s plan will suffer or not happen at all.

It might also be a sound idea to prioritise items on your budget list. Perhaps the budget could be split into two sections, with the first section being for essential expenditure, while section two is filled with more optional or flexible monthly or weekly expenses. This way, you can determine how much you have to spend at a glance, and what things you might be able to cut back on during that month.

#5 – Find a Second Income Stream

This could be a part-time job, a small sideline business venture, or even something you can do online in your own time. Even if this second income stream only produced an extra $100 per week, if you reserve this income solely for your emergency savings fund, then that’s $400 you can add to that fund every single month.

Just a small supplementary income stream can give you peace of mind.

#6 – Live Within Your Means: For Now

This point ties in with the section on creating a budget and sticking to it. If you have a finite amount of money each month, then you’ll need to live within your means, so you have some cash leftover for your emergency fund.

Over time, if you manage to increase your monthly income, then you can loosen the drawstring a little and spend a little more, as you’ll still have your savings covered, along with more disposable income.

Contact Us

Sunshine Loans
PO Box 111
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MailId- [email protected]

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How Businesses Are Embracing Digital Marketing to Survive the Pandemic

(TTD: NASDAQ) The unexpected emergence of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic left a plethora of conventional businesses and methods of marketing redundant as businesses across the globe were left with no choice other than to either close down or turn to digital marketing to stay afloat.

Businesses that were already familiar with the lucrative world of digital marketing felt little or no disruptions on their businesses due to years of operating online.

How the Pandemic Forced the Hands of Business Owners

Digital marketing has a plethora of merits, but several businesses still relied on conventional marketing to operate. The businesses that were dependent on traditional marketing were affected the most when the World Health Organization (WHO) advised governments to close down non-essential businesses so the social distancing preventive measure against the novel coronavirus can take full effect.

This turn of events caused several businesses to suffer. It rendered all traditional marketing methods useless as even the most attractive billboards had no one outside to look at them. No one was buying newspapers, magazines, and other printed media where traditional marketers showcase their products. With every possible conventional marketing channel stifled or shut down, conventional business owners had no other alternative than digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing Has Saved Businesses during the Pandemic

According to the World Health Organization, the immediate response to the coronavirus pandemic was to maintain social distance and stay at home if you are a non-essential worker. This order has driven many to spend more time on the internet, which means that businesses that use digital marketing receive more exposure now than they ever have. Traffic to certain websites has experienced a significant increase, even some companies that use digital marketing have suffered while others have thrived as the pandemic caused a shift in the turn of events.

Businesses with no prior digital marketing experience have rightly turned to it. According to Leonard Parker, owner of Destiny Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing services agency based in Houston, digital marketing is the ideal solution in such a scenario. It is imperative for other businesses that are yet to make the change to do so now, according to the digital marketing software report, many businesses are doing better and digital marketing seems to be the new normal for the foreseeable future.

Starting a digital marketing strategy is not as complicated as outsiders think it is and the results are almost immediate.

Digital Marketing Is the Future of Business Marketing

The gloomy reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be with us for a while. According to experts, the world will not return to what it used to be until 2021 because that is how long it may take to create a vaccine or cure for this global crisis.

This development means that digital marketing matters now more than ever. Businesses that have depended totally on traditional marketing channels ought to get used to the new status quo and accept the fact that digital marketing is the future of business marketing and follow suit before their businesses and staff members suffer for it. Business owners who subscribe to this new reality and learn some digital marketing campaigns survive the current global crisis and they will also be ready for the next one.


2020 will forever be the year that changed the world. A plethora of businesses will know it as the year traditional marketing channels lost their effectiveness. If your business is still waiting on the resurgence of traditional marketing, you should start setting up a digital marketing strategy campaign as soon as possible. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to find creative means of living and businesses can adapt easily via digital marketing. Do not sleep on this while you still have a business.

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(NASDAQ: GOOGL) TAMPA, FL. –– Atmos Home, the award-winning provider of smart home control systems and accessories, today announces its AtmosControl smart home hub locally deciphers commands without sending your voice recordings to cloud-based servers, creating the world’s first-ever privacy-focused standalone smart home hub for homeowners. Atmos Home is currently raising funding via a Regulation CF Equity Crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine:

The AtmosControl is the only plug-and-play, platform-agnostic smart home hub to combine Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and infrared with voice, touch, smartphone and gesture controls. AtmosControl is essentially a universal remote control for all smart home devices regardless of the brand or manufacturer.

Previously, voice-controlled smart home hubs such as Amazon Echo and Google Nest Home have required assistance from cloud-based servers in order to detect and decipher commands. Voice commands are recorded, then uploaded to cloud servers which interpret the speech, then send the data back to the device to execute the command. These voice-to-cloud transfers have continually demonstrated security gaps, lack user privacy controls and become limited when offline.

Additionally, custom home automation competitors only target high-end homes with costly installations. Their solutions are limited due to the fact that they can only be installed by licensed dealers eliminating the freedom for homeowners to add their own devices. AtmosControl is affordable, easy-to-use and user friendly.

To date, Atmos Home has raised over $1.2M including a $1M investment from Luminance Brands, a strategic industry partner. Pre-launch sales returned over 1000 unit requests and international consumer and reseller demand continues to grow. Atmos Home control systems and accessories are designed and built in the United States.

The Atmos Home team is composed of industry experts in hardware design, product development, production and scaling growth. Atmos Home is the brainchild of Mark Lyle, founder, CTO and product development director. Chris Ladwig, co-founder and chief design officer, is a multi-award winning product and brand designer. John Boone is an industrial engineering manager who has dedicated several years to the profession with major accomplishments and products used by NASA.

“Digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa in many cases are being used for smart home device control. Many users are not even aware that these devices’ microphones are always on and recording them, and that many times these recordings are being listened to by employees of the companies that make them. This is a huge privacy issue,” states Lyle. “Until now, the technology did not exist to recognize more than a few basic commands in an edge computing application, without sending voice recordings to the cloud.”

The AtmosControl Smart Home Hub is expected to be available in Q4 2020.

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About Atmos Home

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Atmos Home is developing and manufacturing the next generation of smart home control systems and accessories, with an emphasis on simplicity and connectivity. Their debut product, AtmosControl, will be easier to set up than other smart home hubs and will feature four ways to interact with devices. It will also include the top five smart home connection protocols, allowing it to manage 1000+ integrated devices. For more information, or to learn more about AtmosControl, please visit

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