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Money Life Wax Recent Blog Focuses on Earning Money at Home

With the novel coronavirus pandemic causing economic instability throughout the United States, there are more adults than ever who are seeking out legitimate options for making money while at home. Finding those opportunities, however, is not as simple as some may think.

Money Life Wax founder Josh Hastings has been getting a lot of feedback from his audience regarding making extra money while at home, and so he made the decision to put together a blog post that shares a number of his favorite ways to make extra money on the side, or as a main hustle.

In this blog, Hastings encourages his audience by sharing that “…the key to accomplishing your financial goals doesn’t solely rest on your ability to cut out the lattes and all the impulse spending… No, it boils down to your ability to make extra income to expedite the process of hitting your financial goals!”

The blog contains 15 different ideas for making money from home. The focus is on allowing you to make money while also ensuring that you have time for other things that need to be done. For example, he specifically lists stay at home moms, parents who are expecting a child, and other people who only have limited time to take care of extra cash flow.

Hastings, who calls himself a “lifelong entrepreneur,” also gives advice to his audience about how they can start their own business from home, as well. He claims that everyone has something that they are excited or passionate about. And, in many cases, a little bit of work in that area could end up allowing for some extra income for that individual.

Money Life Wax is a personal finance blog started by Josh Hastings in 2016, after having six figures of debt with his wife and watching family members deal with financial regret throughout their lives. He decided to find his way out of debt, and now he’s helping others to do the same on Money Life Wax. More info about Money Life Wax, and Josh, can be found at

Contact Details:
Josh Hastings
Money Life Wax
[email protected]
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Advice For Student Loans Via MyFedLoan Now Available On The Your Money Geek Blog

College graduation is meant to be a joyous time for students, but there is often a lot of uncertainty that comes with this period in their lives as well. Sorting out the financial end of graduation can be intimidating, and even though loans typically have a “6 months after you finish school” grace period, many students understand the importance of starting now.

Your Money Geek founder and blogger Michael Dinich explores this time after graduation in his latest article, MyFedLoan Guide: How to Manage Your Student Loans. This article focuses primarily on the government portal, MyFedLoan, but Dinich states that many of the ideas presented in this article can be used for any and all of the student loans sites that may be used by any student.

Much of the article goes to explaining what MyFedLoan has to offer and what graduates are going to be able to do with the portal. Since MyFedLoan is one of the most commonly used options nowadays (it’s the largest of the 9 nonprofits that work with the Federal Government in relation to student loans), it’s important to have an understanding of how it works and what it has to offer students.

Dinich does a bit of work talking about some of the difficulties that individuals have had with MyFedLoan in the past, but he also explains that “The company is a trusted partner of the U.S. Department of Education and therefore, must adhere to its standards. Remember that all student loans allow for an interest tax deduction on your annual tax return.”

The article does a deep dive into negotiating with FedLoan and looking at many of the frequently asked questions that arise when he speaks to graduates about MyFedLoan and what it has to offer them. Along with these FAQs, he also provides tips and information that is related to how consumers can pay their loans off.

Dinich considers this article to be recommended reading for recent graduates, because it provides them with a fuller understanding of the MyFedLoan platform and equips them with the information that they may need if a problem arises. His intent is to help these recent grads to start taking good first steps toward financial freedom after college.

About the Company:

Financial advisor Michael Dinich founded Your Money Geek with the intention of providing consumers with the tools and information that they needed in order to make sound financial decisions. Now, the blog has thousands of followers and a consistent posting schedule. Posts focus on retirement, saving, investing, dealing with debt, and a number of other common consumer financial concerns. More information about Your Money Geek can be found at their website,

Contact Details:
Michael Dinich
Your Money Geek
[email protected]


Money Life Wax Reveals the Ideas of Passive Income

In a time of economic uncertainty, more people than ever are seeking out their options for making extra cash. But, with illegitimate options out there, it’s important for consumers to protect themselves during their search.

Money Life Wax founder and blogger Josh Hastings has a lot of experience with making extra money, and he has recently published a blog with the intention of providing consumers with the tools that they need to do so. With 18+ options in every area of investment or time, he hopes that this list has something for everyone that may come across the blog.

In the blog, Hastings states that “While most of the ideas below are designed to help you make money from the confinements of a desk and laptop, some are also creative and service-related. Additionally, what I promise is not to bore you with tick-tack-type ways to make money such as filling out surveys, driving for Uber or scanning your receipts.”

Hastings admits that the suggestions that he offers are going to take time, and some of them may take a bit of a money investment up front. But, he adds, if consumers are willing to put that time and money into the process, it’s likely that they will be able to make $1000 or more monthly alongside of their original job.

One of the things he also adds here is work in creative fields. There are a number of creatives who are doing a lot of work trying to follow their dreams while also ensuring that they are able to pay their rent, and Hastings wanted to provide solutions that allow them to use their skills, as well.

Money Life Wax is an online personal finance blog started by Josh Hastings. When Hastings and his wife found themselves in triple-digit debt, they made some life changes and became debt free in just a couple of years. Now, Hastings utilizes the knowledge he’s learned, plus his own training, in order to connect with other consumers who want to live a life free of financial burdens. More info can be found at

Contact Details:
Josh Hastings
[email protected]
Money Life Wax

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Your Money Geek Explores The Promising Potential Of Investing In Wine Futures Now

USA /– During the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has been uncertain, causing investors to pull out a lot of their funds and causing recession-type financial downturns. There are, however, a small handful of industries that are doing well in the midst of the pandemic – technology and food supplies being the ones discussed the most.

Your Money Geek writer Michael Dinich, however, took a look at one of the most overlooked winners in the stock market right now: wine futures. Wine futures have been receiving double digit annual returns over the past few years, and that hasn’t seemed to stop during the pandemic, but rather, expanded.

Dinich explains wine futures as thus: They’re a way for investors to invest in winemakers that are making wine that is high in demand. What they are able to do is buy highly sought after wines before the winery even bottles it. In some cases, it takes one, two, or even three years to actually see the wine out in retail and for investors to see their returns.

But, Dinich explains in his blog, wine futures are going to be lower than usual this year, because of the uncertainty of the market right now. As a result, investors can lock in a price right now, and can earn money on the futures if it ends up being more than the price that they locked in. Combine that with the perfect growing season that occurred in 2019, and Dinich believes that there’s the perfect storm for wine futures investors.

But, why? Here’s Dinich’s view: “The coronavirus disrupted the normal flow of the futures market. Buyers and sellers haven’t been able to connect through their traditional channels. As a result, wineries have large stocks of unsold wine. They need the working capital to harvest for this fall and are willing to discount their current prices to make that happen.”

In the article, Dinich does his best to compare previous years’ En Primeurs (the technical term for wine futures) so that potential investors can get an idea as to how they work. Dinich also explains how to connect with vineyards and how to get started in wine futures, which consumers can use in order to determine whether or not they wish to invest in wine in this manner.

About The Company:

Your Money Geek was founded on the premise that not everyone should have to stress out and continue the daily grind forever. Founder and Blogger Michael Dinich grew tired of the grind as a financial advisor, and committed himself to helping consumers to get out of their exhausting daily work grind as well. Dinich is one of multiple bloggers who provide this information on the Your Money Geek website. More information regarding Your Money Geek and their writing team can be found at

Contact Details:
Michael Dinich
Your Money Geek
[email protected]


Looking for a Protective Face Mask? Google Appears to Say No

Never mind the surgeon general, the CDC, or any other major authority, people are having to leave it up to Google to determine what is good and bad with certain topics Google seems to be censoring.  In fact, When searching to purchase a face mask on Google, it appears they band anyone from advertising face masks on the internet. Why is this?

Headline News sought answers to this.  After a barrage of unreturned phone calls from Google, we reached out to a local face-mask manufacturer, Face Mask Kings, owned and operated by Blithe Defense in Huntington Beach, CA.  After one phone call, we received a call back from the actual CEO of Face Mask Kings, Derek Blithe, who was not surprised when we inquired about Google’s apparent control in this arena.

Blithe told us that his U.S. face mask company has been essentially denied by Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Inc. to build brand awareness, to build his business, and to support U.S. citizens.

Face Mask Kings is a new Huntington Beach face mask company with a 12-week history of making face masks.  However, they are a 30-year veteran of making marine grade barriers to the harshest environments. According to Blithe, it is precisely why they took it upon themselves to respond to a pandemic and to help Americans. owned and operated by Derek Blithe, retooled his existing business, to help provide quality protective masks available in an expedited fashion.

Today the CEO finds himself in a situation where doing the right thing, has literally made his company a victim of Google and others dictating what they will allow on advertising. It is difficult to comprehend.  Blithe told Headline News this, “I took it upon myself to lend a hand in time of need because I’m no stranger to making shields of the harshest environments. So, the transition was seamless and after learning the ins and outs of the benefits of protective face masks, I decided to continue to produce them permanently.”

“As anyone can attest in manufacturing, it is costly anytime you change what you are manufacturing.  Whether it is a small change or in this case a totally different product completely.  The retooling alone is astronomical.  We have donated over 1000 masks to front line workers, but at the end of the day, we must advertise to compete in the marketplace.”

“As in any business I am trying to recoup my investment and sought to invest some marketing dollars to get the word out to normal businesses etc. Just brand awareness, that we are making some great quality masks right here in California.  It does not take a genius to soon realize that Google does not allow any businesses to advertise masks for sale.  Why?  Because they are not confident that some of the advertisers selling masks manufactured in China, are substandard or poorly made. But Google will let you teach people how to make a mask at home.  Trust me when I say, you would much rather use a mask we produce than one made at home. So why punish a U.S. company simply because they manufacture something better than the companies that Google is concerned with?  What if the government told Ford they could not advertise any longer because the French make some questionable cars and sell them in the U.S.?  It’s absurd and is censorship at its worse.”

Headline News continued investigation reveals that it is apparent that there is an increased number of incidents where companies that control parts or much of American lives like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are becoming the judge as opposed to a neutral source of information provided by its audience.  Many people view this as a direct violation to what is considered freedom of speech, pursuit of happiness, and a list of other constitutional rights.  Americans should consider questioning these powerhouses of information if they are utilizing censorship much in the way like what China does.

There seems to be countless evidence of companies such as these removing content that does not meet their opinions on subjects, not allowing advertising to entire groups based on a few bad apples, and a list of others.  If an American made mask company with 30-year track record of producing superior defense, aerospace, marine, energy and industrial products isn’t allowed to advertise their product because of Google’s view, we must ask how far will this go and what is next?

Contact Details:
Mike Gingino
Fake Mask Kings
[email protected]
Newport Coast , CA
657 222 7074

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Gutter Gurus Releases Online Gutter Calculator Tool

For many individuals, gutters just aren’t a priority regarding how they want to care for their homes. But, many experts recommend that regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent home damage and help gutters to last longer.

Pricing out the cost of gutter repairs or replacements used to be a mystery, but Gutter Gurus in Woodbridge, Virginia, wanted to make the process of learning costs easier and more streamlined. Their new online gutter calculator was designed in order to help individuals price out their gutter needs in just a few steps.

The process of using the gutter calculator is designed to be a simple one. Gutter Gurus recommends that customers can either measure their gutters by using blueprints or by using the Google Maps satellite measuring tool, since only an approximate measure is necessary. Add 10 feet per story for any downspouts on the home.

Customers can then utilize that number in order to start the process of calculating how much they are going to need to get installed on their homes. The calculator also offers the ability to add gutter guards to the estimate. Gutter guards are designed to provide extra safety and prevent the need for them to be cleaned on a yearly basis.

Gutter Gurus owner Luke Mitchell explains why they added the gutter calculator, stating that “I wanted to provide a simpler way for individuals to get the information they needed before calling us about gutters. Knowing an approximate cost can make it easier for you to make a decision and save you from sticker shock.”

Currently, the calculator is unable to calculate the cost of repairs. Customers can, however, use it to get the cost if a portion of gutter needs to be replaced and they know the approximate length of that portion. For repair estimates, Gutter Gurus still recommends that customers call them directly.

Gutter Gurus, located in Woodbridge Virginia, and serving throughout Northern Virginia, takes care of gutter installation, repair, and replacement. They also provide gutter guards as an addition to any gutter set that customers may purchase. Learn more about Owner Luke Mitchell and Gutter Gurus by taking a look at their website,

Contact Details:
Luke Mitchell
Gutter Gurus
[email protected]
Woodbridge, VA

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Top Dog Home Pro Posts Blog Sharing Things To Look For In A Roofing Contractor

Roof care and repair is an essential part of ensuring that homes are in the best condition possible. Curb appeal, prevention of interior damage, and ease of care are all reasons that people often cite when they discuss why their roof needs to be repaired and maintained properly.

Recently, Woodbridge Virginia-based contracting company, Top Dog Home Pro, put together a blog that listed 5 traits that were necessary for roofing contractors to have. They came upon these traits by exploring their own commitment to their customer base, and also what their customers have cited in reviews.

The 5 traits that were discussed in the article included the following:

  • Always offering top work and using the best in roofing material options.
  • Providing a fairly accurate timeline and adhering to that timeline, along with any “due dates” that need to be taken care of.
  • Offering quotes for work that were completely transparent, while also utilizing affordable materials that were also high quality.
  • A knowledge of modern trends and techniques in roofing.
  • Little to no focus on pressuring their customers to make a purchase.

The writer then goes on to explain that it can be difficult for any one roofing company to hit all five of these traits, and that if you find a company with those traits that they’ll likely be your best option.

Founder Luke Mitchell shares his view on why it’s important to get a great roofing contractor, stating that “As a small business, we understand where we can provide the most value to homeowners while carving out a solid reputation. That starts with recognizing that affordability should always be on a homeowner’s mind.”

Mitchell also shares that his company is currently taking new clients for roofing jobs, among others.

Started by founder and owner Luke Mitchell, Top Dog Home Pro was built as an idea off of Mitchell’s dad’s roofing business. Now, this small, home grown company offers installation and maintenance of siding, roofing, doors, windows, and more. More information about Top Dog Home Pro and their services can be found at their website,

Contact Details:
Luke Mitchell
Top Dog Home Pro
[email protected]

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Bright Exterior Cleaning Announces Safe Guidelines For Choosing What To Pressure Wash In The Summer

Summer is here and it’s a time where a lot of people do their best to try and clean up their outdoor spaces. They take care of landscaping, sort out details around their windows and attempt to ensure that their curb appeal is the best possible.

Sometimes, people make mistakes because they aren’t completely sure as to what type of cleaning is best for what they need to accomplish. This is especially true when it comes to power washing versus pressure washing, and Northern Virginia company Bright Exterior has started a campaign to try and make things a little clearer for their customers.

Pressure washer only utilizes water and air pressure. Power washing, on the other hand, uses heated water and a lower air pressure, which allows for more flexibility in regards to what can be washed.

“We want to be sure that our clients get the best service, so we offer guidance on which services they should choose based on the tasks that they wish to accomplish,” explains company owner Tyler Bunch. “You should never pressure wash siding, your roof, or your car; and if you’re pressure washing your deck, adjust the pressure washing settings.”

So, what is left for pressure washing to assist with? According to Bunch, pressure washing is best for sidewalks, patios, and hard surfaces such as commercial pads, patios, and the floor of your outdoor kitchen space.

They also share that the roof needs a completely different type of wash, called a roof soft wash, which uses gentle soaps and other products, and uses low-pressure water to wash it away. This, Bunch explains, prevents damage to your shingles.

Bunch encourages customers to contact Bright Exterior Cleaning with any questions, and that their website has more information about how they use their pressure washing services most effectively.

Started in 2018, Bright Exterior Cleaning offers pressure washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, fence and gate washing, among other outdoor services. Founded by owner Tyler Bunch, these professionals offer services throughout Northern Virginia, including Manassas, Fairfax, Centerville, and other surrounding areas. More information about Bright Exterior Cleaning can be found at their website,

Contact Details:
Tyler Bunch
Bright Exterior Cleaning
[email protected]

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The HIV Prevention Research Organization Releases New Guide for HIV Positive Relationships

The HIV Prevention Research Organization tries to put HIV positive people’s lives back on perspective. The organization presents updated information on dating sites to help people with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) to find love online.

“We understand there is a social stigma surrounding the people tested HIV Positive. However, what we fail to understand is they also need love. Many even seek relationships, but may not get an immediate response from any random dating site. Thus, they need to use specific sites developed especially for HIV positive patients. We attempt to ensure you get love as per your preferences. There are options to get the love for straight people, bisexual, or even homosexual people,” affirms the spokesperson of the HIV Prevention Research Organization.

While finding true love, many may just register at a random online portal without checking for the active and real profiles of people. As per the HIV Prevention Research Organization, it is safe to register as a paid member to view the profiles of interested persons and verify before going on any date. It also makes the site more secure for every member and eliminates the chances of meeting someone not willing to commit.

Moreover, modern HIV sites are another place to find other HIV positives. They make every member feel for each other and be genuinely supportive. People can now safely look for their love life without any worries.

About the Company
The HIV Prevention Research Organization offers news, information on HIV, and even resources to help them understand the difference between HIV and AIDS.

Media Contact:
Company Name: HIV Prevention Research
Contact Person: Michele D. Caswell
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 631-698-5578
Address: 1509 Main St
City: Dallas
State: TX 75201
Country: United States

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Online coupon industry reaching the height with the ultimate BOOM in the stock market

These days coupon business has taken a new trend and taking over the market. This has led them to make them more prevalent among people who feel convenient with online shopping. If you are not using these coupons while shopping, then definitely you are missing on a big opportunity.

Through technology, online shopping using coupons have proven itself as a profitable return and even optimizing future investment.

The idea of driving how the stock market gets assistance from the couponing world is entirely straightforward. The financial exchange empowers purchasers and merchants to arrange costs and make exchanges.

How Investing in the Stock Market Made Easy with Couponing?

With any venture, there are dangers. But with stocks, this risk doubles — and more potential for remuneration — than other securities. While the market’s history of gaining that expanded stock portfolio will increment in esteem after some time, stocks additionally experience abrupt plunges.

Couponing shows quite effective results when grabbing the attention of the customers. This has been proved lately as they have become the most effective tool while shopping, whether online or in-store. This is a majorly looked up to things these days when people plan to invest in the stock. This is a primary help in making you decide precisely where to invest.

The real results for gaining more appropriate outcome while investing has led people to read the reviews and comments of the people on that particular store or brand. This is exact stuff which customer craves for without facing any hitches.  This has now become a trusted end-all and be-all party when deciding the price based on the two significant factors – demand and supply.

Just keep a close watch on the factors leading to a significant rise and fall in the market and then go for the investment.  It is a must for the people to consider mutual funds, endowments, insurance companies, and even corporations, as they are the big fishes in the market. They help in making the market face fluctuation as per the demand of the people.

How Can You Minimize the Risk to Move Ahead with Discount Code?

It is a must to know the rules of the games before you start playing it. This will help in winning in all the possibilities. The strategies should be maintained in such a way that your game opens up the road to success.

Make sure to learn all the facts about the stock market, preferably where couponing business is concerned. Let your mind get all the obvious answers it is looking for no matter you are standing up with the status of a dummy or even a professional where your concern lies.

This investing is an excellent idea as it helps in creating wealth over time, which is true. Just make sure to observe the exchanges which are governed by demand and supply. As people try to reach out for their desired stuff in the market through a coupon, let them choose wisely. This selling and willing to pay lead to an increase in the shares of the stock.

There are several brands and store which play the role of the market makers. They are always ensured that there are buyers and sellers to purchase what they are offering.

When you are buying or selling the stocks, you need to make things clear where the market stand. The performance of the market for that brand or store is the result in the statements we usually like ‘the market is up’ or maybe ‘beat the market.’ This helps in creating the benchmark to compare the performance resulting in an increase or decrease in the index track.

Make the most of what can be done through the coupons letting the market rise and approach all the ways which can appeal to the customers. Just follow the simple guidelines set by the market to bring the results as per the desire of the customers.

The online trading facility has given many people to open an account and make a history of earing through the investment in the stock market. But be sure that you are all safe from the fraud and even the doom, which is also a significant part of the market.

Contact Details:

Mohib Abbas
[email protected]
Houston, TX USA