Total freedom is the first thing that comes to mind when a person hears about freelance. Of course, working at home in the native walls, where you can always lie down on the sofa and do not need to pack yourself in a business suit – it seems to be something fabulous, but sometimes you want to get out to people. In this case, a good choice for a freelancer will be coworking, which I would like to talk about today.

This invention has appeared in our lives not so long ago. In 2005, the American freelance programmer Brad Newberg thought that it would be nice to combine office order and complete freelance freedom. And why do you have to choose: to work independently of anyone or to have some kind of certainty and unobtrusive communication with colleagues during the working day? It was these thoughts that prompted him to create a kind of office for a freelancer. Thought – did it! The idea was enthusiastically accepted and very soon Brad had followers, who also began to create coworking in their cities.

And yet, should a freelancer work in coworking or not?

Working from home: pros and cons

That the main advantage of freelance is freedom, we already know. However, even such work has its shortcomings. The most obvious shortcomings are, of course, the independent search for clients, unstable earnings, lack of paid vacation or sick leave. In addition, it is not the official status of the employee. But there are other difficulties, a little less visible, but very significant. First of all, it is the presence of self-discipline, when one has to organize working hours himself, fighting the temptation to snore until noon. But this service may help you to save time. Next, there are problems with differentiating between rest and work. Working at home, a person does not notice that he or she devotes much more time to the work process, sometimes many times more than an office worker. It is also difficult to understand that even though you work at home, but you still work and you need peace and quiet, not constant “distractions” for 5 minutes: you need to help someone, or just answer some question. If a freelancer has its own office or room, you can get rid of the noise here, but this phenomenon is a rarity.

The last and, in my opinion, the most serious disadvantage is the lack of live communication. If you are not the first-month doing freelance, you may notice that almost all your communication is limited to the Internet and telephone. You almost dropped out of society, becoming a recluse in four walls.

There is always a compromise

If you are depressed by all that I have described above – coworking will suit you very well. Each coworking looks different. There are centers more like real offices, where you can rent a separate office with all the necessary items of furniture, internet and even equipment. And there are coworkings, which are somewhat reminiscent of a huge Internet cafe, where people sit at neighboring tables, stuck in their computers. The price will depend on which coworking you have chosen and for what purpose. One way or another, you should immediately learn that if you decide to prefer working in coworking, you will have to pay for comfort and convenience.

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