Needless to say, since the development of modern technologies and the internet, the world is facing a new challenge. It’s a challenge to maintain a balance between online and offline activities.

Since the arrival of the internet, online marketing sites, e-shops, and other commercial platforms are constantly emerging. And these new platforms are rapidly growing consumer bases as well.

Apparently, such a change has also affected the book market. The formerly well decorated, Imaginarium book shops are being replaced by interactive online book shops. And these virtual shops are becoming more and more popular by the day.

So an obvious question arises. Buying books at a store or online, which is better?

We’re gonna leave the “Yes or  No” judgment to you. However, to help you better understand, we’ve prepared a comparison focusing on several key points.

Do You Have This Book?
The most important factor. What good is a shop if it doesn’t have the book you’re looking for, right? Usually, book stores have most of the books. From antique to top-grossing. But on some occasions, a specific book may not be available at a store. Then you have no choice but to hit another store.

This process is tiring and time-consuming. But what if there isn’t another store nearby? Or say there is but the book isn’t available there as well?

When it comes to that, online shops are at an advantage. Because you can jump from shop to shop within seconds. So there’s a higher chance of finding the book without building up any sweat.

Also, a lot of the online shops are based on the catalogs of actual book stores. So they should have pretty much any book you wish to buy. Besides, foreign books and region-specific books may not be available at all in your local book shops. So online stores are the only options left then.

I’m So Excited, but… When Do I Get It?
For emergencies, online stores may not be the best of options. If you’re buying a trending or a popular book, why wait for several days before getting your hands on it. Check the local shops instead. You may be able to secure a copy way earlier.

So online shopping puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to delivery. Typically you should get your order within a few days. But based on your location and the website you ordered from, it may even take weeks.

Wait, Should It Cost That Much?
A common complaint from online shoppers. These online books cost way more than they do in local bookstores. But why is that?

Because based on your location, the seller has to send you your copy via a courier service or a parcel agency. This adds some extra charge. Also, if you’re ordering from overseas, you’re not in a place to complain about the price mark-ups.

However, there’s a way to cut some expenses on your online book purchase. Ever heard of the website called Deal Expert? It’s an excellent website that brings you all the latest deals and coupon offers on many many products. Not only books but also daily goods, gears, tools, apparel, etc.

For example, check out the brownells coupon . These coupons are for an online book store that sells customized books for kids. Using the coupon codes or deal links, you can score some pretty good deals. Also, visit this website to find more good deals on books and other essentials.

That’s Not What I Ordered!
A common problem to face when shopping online. If the seller isn’t careful enough, you may end up with a completely different book. And after all the waitings and expenses, such a blunder is nothing short of frustrating.

A complete mismatch is the worst case possible. Sometimes you may end up with a damaged copy. Or with blank pages inside.

At least from local stores, you can check it thoroughly for any defects. And the chance of ending up with a different book is next to none.

That’s Heavy!
If you go on a shopping spree at a local bookstore, chances are, you’ll be walking home with a good amount of added weight. But at least when you shop online, that won’t be the case.

Also, e-books or digital versions of books are becoming increasingly popular. They are highly portable and you can stash thousands of them into your kindle or smartphone. No need to drag dead-weight books with you any longer.

So book stores or online, both have their pros and cons. So it’s difficult to rule out any of them. But online stores are more versatile these days and you can shop 24/7 on them. These shops also let you create wish lists and carts for more organized shopping. And with deals like Deal Expert, the online shops are sure to draw in more crowds in the future.

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