Your washer or washing machine does not provide water, it does not empty or does not spin clothes properly? Contact us and we will fix it quickly! In addition, we will schedule an appointment within a time slot reduced by three hours in order to minimize the impact of our intervention on your day.

We offer installation, maintenance and washer repair services for household appliances of all brands. Whatever the date of manufacture of your device, we have the know-how to repair it and are in contact with many suppliers of parts in order to be able to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Our long experience in the field and our desire to better serve our customers lead us to renew ourselves and to train our employees in an ever more specialized way. In addition to home appliance repair, we offers consultation, maintenance, parts replacement, installation and emergency service for your household appliances. Join our many satisfied customers and take advantage of our premium repair service and prices…

The most common problems we deal with:

Front load washer repair

Typically, problems with front-loading units are caused by an off-center tub, which generates high frictional noise when spinning, or water loss through the gasket around the tub. Find out why it’s important to use a quality soap for your washer.

Top load washer repair

For top load washers, therefore, which are top loaded, the problems are often related to the cover switch which, when broken, prevents the washer from draining on the spin cycle. The pump, lines and soap tank can also cause water loss.

Good advice when your device gives an error code? Before contacting us, read the user manual or our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, which we regularly add to. Perform routine checks to make sure you don’t pay unnecessarily for a service call!

A washing machine problem that is not fixed quickly can sometimes be the cause of deterioration of your appliance or even water damage. No matter what problems you have with your washer, the experts at can we can repair your washer so you can enjoy an appliance that functions as if it were new. In case of breakage or problems with your washer, contact one of our experts immediately. You can count on our qualified employees to perform a fast and efficient washer repair, whether it’s for your business or at home.

As soon as you call us, we send you one of our qualified technicians to assess the situation. He is then able to inform you about the nature of the problem and answer all your questions concerning the repair of your washer. Before proceeding with the repair, we take the time to thoroughly inspect your device to understand the cause of the breakage. Our quotes are clear and include all the useful information on the cost and labor time as well as on the parts required for the repair.

With our washer repair Service, you will never have unpleasant surprises, neither in terms of the work accomplished or the price! We work in a climate of trust in order to satisfy our customers. You can completely trust our employees and our company, which has been in the business for over 30 years. Our technicians are carefully trained to meet your washer repair and customer service needs. Our priority is to provide you with quality service quickly and at a competitive price.

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