As more businesses turn to grow their online customer base, digital marketing will continue to play a bigger role in helping brands stand out. Some of the most important digital marketing efforts today include Google, social media, and influencers. Google continues to be one of the best ways in which businesses can reach their niche audience and improve their visibility in the crowded space of e-commerce. Social media and influencers have also risen as one of the main tools which companies use to help spread the message about their product and/or service. By improving digital presence and optimizing a variety of online marketing channels, businesses can help beat their competition and expand their customer base.

Below, we are including the top three ways in which businesses can optimize their digital marketing efforts to increase their sales:

1. Creating unique social media accounts: brands often re-post website images or general content without much consideration for originality or creativity. According to A&E, digital marketing agency NYC, staying innovative and creating a social media account that showcases the brand’s product in a memorable way can help companies increase their shareability and achieve virality. For example, a cookie shop can create custom recipes that are only available for their social media followers. They can experiment there with unique shapes or outstanding designs to help boost interest in their online-ordering and deliverability option.

2. Working with consumer and micro-influencers: most brands today are familiar with influencer marketing, however, some seem to think that working with influencers means partnering only with those who have millions of followers. For brands on a budget, consumer and micro-influencers (those under 5K and 50K in following respectively) can be a great tool to help spread the message about their business. Consumer and micro-influencers are often open to collaborations that involve an exchange or a gift versus a sponsored post. As a social media agency NYC, A&E’s best tip when approaching influencers is to ensure that the brand’s product matches the interest of the influencers and that it is highly customized. Influencers often get approached by many brands daily, and keeping the gifting interesting will increase the likelihood of the business being featured on their social media account.

3. Optimizing website for local and non-local key-words for Google: many businesses seem to think that to rank on Google requires extraordinary effort as well as exceptional expertise. While certain industries and keywords can be more competitive than others, many small businesses can get to the top of Google rankings simply by being creative and putting in a little extra effort. For example, certain terms are less competitive but have a decent traffic volume. By searching for valuable keywords and creating content that is exceptional (highly informative and 4K+ words in length), small businesses can outcompete highly authoritative sites and rank for keywords that will drive their sales.

Improving digital marketing strategy can help brands outperform their competitors and gain additional customers even across the country. Businesses can utilize online marketing tools to showcase their product through unique content and an optimized influencer strategy. They can increase their customer base by leveraging the broader communities only reachable through social media and Google and help drive sales.

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