Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, has been the final destination for many venues, theaters, stadiums, arenas and professional event organizers who are not happy with the recent changes and transition happening in Vendini and are looking for the best alternative for Vendini or other ticketing systems.

“We have been doing demos and onboarding sessions for a lot of venues and theaters who some of them have been using Vendini for years.

They are amazed by what they see on Ticketor, in terms of features, pricing and configurability.”; Said Miriam, a Ticketor solution consultant.

“Besides our pricing which is significantly lower than what they have been paying for years, our rich feature-set, configurability and user experience are what attracts them the most. They are most interested in the full control they get, our integrated newsletter / mailing list system, flexible season and package tickets, state-of-the-art seating chart designer tool, flexible price-levels and price-variation, coupon system and device compatibility”

As a result Ticketor has automated some of the on-boarding and data import process and announced free user and mailing list import into their system as part of the migration for a limited time.

“Another feature that really helps the event organizers, is the Social Distancing and the COVID-19 related features that we added a few month ago. These features including automatic social distancing on the seating chart, capacity cap, online events and outdoor events, help event organizers to re-open their events safely as soon as legally possible.”

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